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Our Staff

Pastor Brian Smith 

Pastor Brian was born and raised in Antigo, Wisconsin coming to Rochester in 1984 to study for the ministry at Minnesota Bible College. He graduated in 1988 with a BA in Preaching Ministry and began to walk out the plan that God had life for his life. 


Starting out by preaching within an Assemblies of God church he left to pioneer a Foursquare Gospel Church in 1994 transitioning  from that work in 1998 to successively serve within two Rhema Bible Churches, over the next 14 years. He left the role of  Associate Pastor in 2012 to pioneer Deeper Waters Bible Church.

Pastor Brian is known for his anointed teaching and preaching and his passion that each member of the body of Christ should know the excellence of the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the fullness of the Holy Spirit as the daily substance of their life.  


Pastor Sandy Smith

Pastor Sandy was born and raised in Winona, Minnesota where she was born again at a young age and served with the Salvation Army, sharing the gospel on street corners of Winona and passing out the War Cry magazine in bars.   

Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1984 she began a new phase of ministry, learning the voice of the Holy Spirt as part of a prophetic intercessory prayer group in Winona.  She moved to Rochester in 1986 where she ministered to singles and those with chemical dependency and also as part of a Christian suicide helpline. 

Pastor Sandy has a passion for the move of the Holy Spirit and the worship of the Lord.  She also has an infectious love and joy that can't be missed wherever she is at.   

Luke and Crystal_edited.jpg

Luke and Crystal Rudlong (Elders)

Luke and Crystal Rudlong are a couple devoted to seeing others set free from the works of Satan in their life. With a personal background of chemical dependency, their lives were set free by Jesus Christ who then imparted His desire to set other captives free into the both of them. The are anointed by the Lord for evangelism. 

Luke and Crystal reach out to people in all walks of life to share the gospel and help others find the same freedom in Christ that they have experienced. A part of Deeper Waters from it's very beginning they serve as part of it's Elder Council. 

Tim and Andrea McBeain (Elders)

Tim and Andrea McBeain combine a background in business and counseling and function in the "nuts and bolts" aspects of Deeper Waters, as well as bringing Holy Spirit direction to people who's lives are faltering instead of flourishing. 

They are motivational, compassionate, dedicated, and have been a great part of the leadership team, at Deeper Waters, from it's very beginning.  

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